Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We're (finally) in Beta!

Well, actually since a couple of days ago. But I finally have time to blog about it!...


We've been a total of six months in development, three months for the current version, and after a harrowing few months in closed Alpha testing, Shoplette is finally in Public Beta! Do check it out at http://www.shoplette.com


Launching a Beta is scary. There's no doubt about the importance of getting a beta out in the wild quickly in order to test, test, test - you'll never really know the market response otherwise, and you might be working yourself into a corner or dead end without any live feedback on whether the whole idea makes sense. But when you really have to bite the bullet and release your service for market testing, it's pretty scary.

What will they think of it? Will anyone like it? Should we keep working on it, and cleaning it up more, before we let anyone else see it? Do we have only one chance with users, and if it's not good enough now, will they ever come back? These were the questions circling overhead before we launched the Beta.

But in the end, it's something we've been looking forward to for a long time now. A chance to put Shoplette out there in the wild, and to see if it's something people will like to do. You never really know until you test it, and I'm glad we bit the bullet and got it released.

So now it's in your hands. Please check it out, sign up, give it a spin and let us know what you think. We're really happy to receive any feedback from you, good or bad, at team[at]shoplette[dot]com.

Hope you enjoy the site!



Jonk said...

Congrats to the team at shoplette!
While they're quite a fair bit of social shopping sites out there, shoplette is very much localised and features very wholesome. I left a comment at SG Entrepreneurs too at http://is.gd/cxw

tokyotribe28 said...

Thanks, Jonk! Really appreciate your support!

Florian said...

Well Done, i know how difficult it is to launch a new web project...wish you guys good success!!


tokyotribe28 said...

Thanks a lot, Florian!