Friday, March 7, 2008

Poll on whether Wong Kan Seng should resign over JI leader's escape

This is interesting:

At the present time, out of 452 votes, 375 voted "Yes, he should resign", 52 voted "No" and 25 voted "Not sure".

How will the vote turn out with more voters?

You can vote in the right-hand column of the online citizen's homepage:

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Why is this the #1 video on youtube?

Close to 90 million views!
One comment said, "Tired of being sexy" (which could explain why it's appealing) and another said, "I love this song". Some other people are suspecting a hack. Or is it an avalanche of people sharing it (out of surprise that it's got so many views) and other people viewing it out of curiosity? Do people have to like a video for it to be #1?

It beat this other video, which had 77 million views. It's impressive, though.

I don't think I understand the mechanics of viral videos yet.

Here's someone else's take on it:

I like this one:

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Speedtesting your Internet connection

I've just done a speedtest for my Starhub connection.

How does this compare to yours? Click on the image to speedtest your connection. ain't working for me

I spend far too much time doing research on the Internet. And as a result, I generate a lot of bookmarks, and a lot of sites I return to regularly. I used to think that was a great way to solve the problem of organising my bookmarks and making them accessible anywhere.

But I'm beginning to realise that once I file something on, I forget about it and don't return to to access it again. It's file-and-forget, and these days, my only contact with the site is through the "post on" bookmark. I now use my browser's bookmark menu and tabs to bookmark and return to sites far more than Which kind of defeats the purpose of filing on to begin with.

Does anyone else have that problem?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dim sum coffeeshop on Upper Thomson Road

Wonderful little find on Upper Thomson Road, along the same row of shophouse coffeeshops as the 24h Roti Prata House (with the crispy prata).


It's called Hwa Nam Chinese Restaurant (华南菜馆) and it serves excellent freshly-steamed dim sum at $2 per plate. Fantastic! With incredibly friendly and affable staff, you can also order roast duck and other Cantonese cooked dishes from the kitchen.




Do check it out. Closed on Mondays.