Thursday, April 17, 2008

PSPs on Public Transport


On average, there are 4 PSPs in any MRT train carriage everytime I board the train. I suppose this varies by the time of day (probably happens more in the afternoons and weekends than peak hours on workdays - but then, maybe not) and the carriage (maybe they gravitate towards the end carriages where they can sit down and play).

But anyway, it's an interesting observation. If you take it as an average and multiply that over the number of carriages in an MRT train (??), I think that adds up to a fair number of PSPs.

Apart from possible hypotheses we can suggest about lifestyle and consumer purchasing trends and the ubiquity of handheld gaming, there are also interesting thoughts to draw out about social behaviour in public and on public transport, the idea of private space in public space and common behaviour within this semi-private space, and of course, being in a private (?) virtual world (the game) while sitting in a very public real world space. How natural is it to switch frames of reference from real to virtual, or offline to online, these days?

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