Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Buttery grilled chicken on roasted pepper, cherry tomatoes and new potatoes with rosemary and smashed garlic

Place halved new potatoes and halved yellow pepper filled with scored cherry tomatoes on a lightly oiled oven tray, season with salt and pepper, drizzle with olive oil, add small knobs of butter and 2 sprigs of rosemary to potatoes, and roast in oven at medium heat for 10 min.

Meanwhile prepare chicken thigh - season with salt and pepper, slip a thin slice of butter under the skin, and place small knobs of butter and 3 smashed garlic cloves on other side.

When vegetables are soft, place chicken skin-side down on bed of pepper and tomatoes and roast on high heat for 10 min. Finally, flip chicken skin-side up and grill for 10 min.

Once chicken is done, plate up and drizzle any juice from the tray onto the chicken and potatoes. Serve!

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