Sunday, March 2, 2008 ain't working for me

I spend far too much time doing research on the Internet. And as a result, I generate a lot of bookmarks, and a lot of sites I return to regularly. I used to think that was a great way to solve the problem of organising my bookmarks and making them accessible anywhere.

But I'm beginning to realise that once I file something on, I forget about it and don't return to to access it again. It's file-and-forget, and these days, my only contact with the site is through the "post on" bookmark. I now use my browser's bookmark menu and tabs to bookmark and return to sites far more than Which kind of defeats the purpose of filing on to begin with.

Does anyone else have that problem?

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Darran said...

I get where you are driving at.

At times, I don't go back to Del.Icio.Us to check up on my bookmarks. That is why i always look for browser plugins which synchronizes so that whichever computer I am on, the bookmarks synchronizes.

If you are using FireFox, you can try the Del.Icio.Us bookmarks by Yahoo! Or if you are using Safari like me, you can use the Delicious2Safari plugin which copies all your bookmarks to your safari browser.

Or did I mention that you can organize your bookmarks with tags?